Artful Fridays are the new kids on the block. In here you can expect to see favorite weekly picks reserved exclusively for you to enjoy.

Get your weekend started with Tom Price.

Made exclusively from polypropylene pipe and nylon cable ties, this installation occupied an entire room at Industry Gallery, in Washington DC from September to November 2011.

Tom combines the strength of plastic and the beauty of  Washington’s Cherry Blossom trees into one magnificent installation. It’s great inspiration to use evil plastic for other purposes – other than creating landfill that is. See, even plastic pipes can be turned into artful objects. Speaking of plastic and stuff, what do you think? Will art in the future use lots of recycled materials (junk) left by previous generations? It’s kinda happening right now with all the vintage trinkets, fashion and style. Hmm…art for thought.

Have a great weekend!

see also: recycled art in California and Washed Up Photography series

All images over at Tom Price

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  1. antarabesque says:

    Stunningly beautiful in simplicity and complexity.

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