Don’t get me wrong, I thought stencil paintings were a tad..cheesy. I can now shut my filthy mouth and regret I ever said that thanks to the work of Devon Tsuno.

Devon’s paintings have a “tropical” feel which I’m totally diggin’ – especially now that the sun has started to come out over here in Raincouver..ahem.. beautiful Vancouver. I think his work would suit  your summer house perfectly – that’s if you’re rolling on mad cheddar – if you are a bit more, rustic, like me – a.k.a. I only have money to pay rent for one place – then you should get one for your apartment. Whether you get one or not – let’s just enjoy his art, which feels like a cool creative breeze, doesn’t it?

PS – DUDES. I am freaking out – I got a little mention on Apartment Therapy on their post “Trend Spotting: Geometry”  Yay! If we were together right now, I would buy you all a round of margaritas. Salud!

all images: Devon Tsuno

via: today in art

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  1. Yowza is right….good find.

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