Who needs a cup of coffee to start the day when you can have this? Seriously.

Amanda Valdez – an up and coming Seattle based artist –  is causing some serious ripples in the west coast art scene. I found her work while browsing through a few art magazines (totally forgot which one! Luckily I wrote down her name) and couldn’t get enough of it.

Bold color blocks combined with mixed media make her paintings pop out and take over the whole space. Ahhh, so beautiful.

So, do you need that cup of coffee? Probably. Difference is, now it’ll taste better after seeing Amanda’s art. You’re welcome :)

Happy Monday friends.

all images : Amanda Valdez

10 responses »

  1. Fantastic! Another great choice, thank you!

  2. You feature some great new work. Where do you find them?

  3. Hi I so enjoy your site… It inspires me about art in away i haven’t been since 2 years at art school more than a decade ago! thanks :-)

  4. Dave says:

    So freaking awesome. I love these. it’s work like that which makes me want to go back into my studio and paint again. I’ve been doment for too long.

  5. […] The Artful Desperado is another one of my new favorite blogs, lots of good stuff posted daily, including these pieces by Amanda Valdez. Don’t know much about this Seattle based artist, but I dig the work. It inspires me to go back into my oh so dorment studio and get back to slinging some paint. I know, I know, this is not paper, but come on, how awesome are these? Exceptions must be made. […]

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